What Home Buyers Should Look for when Going Through an Open House in Sumpter Township, MI

When you are in the process of purchasing a home, you are more than likely to go to several open houses before you find the perfect house. Walking through an open house can be tricky if you aren’t a person that can envision what the house can look like with your belongings in it. It is sometimes difficult to look past the current owner’s belongings as you peruse the house. The Tina Peterson Team is here to share some things that homeowners should be looking for whenever they walk through an open house.

What You Do Not Want to Miss when Walking Through an Open House

There is more than likely a lot going through your mind when you’re walking through an open house as a homebuyer. When you’re looking in all the right places, it can help you determine whether or not the house is going to be a good fit. Here is what you should be looking for as a potential homebuyer:

  • Windows: Not only should you be interested in how old the windows are in the house, but you should also pay attention to the direction they are facing. You want to make sure you’re going to get sunlight at the right times as well as ensure you have a view that you love.
  • Under Sinks: You should always look under any sinks in the house. If there has been water damage, you will usually find it there. It’s a simply place to check for any sign of water damage.
  • Outlets: Another thing that you should pay attention to is the number of electrical outlets found throughout the house. You want to make sure there are enough outlets to provide your devices with the power you need.
  • Appliances: Make sure you have a good understanding of what appliances come with the house. If they are offering their appliances, make sure they are in good condition.
  • Rugs: If there are rugs in the house, you should always try lifting them up to see if they are hiding anything in the carpet. If the rugs are on a hardwood floor, make sure there isn’t damage there that could be problematic once the current owners move.
  • Floors: It is essential that you make sure the floors in the house are even and level. Take a small marble with you and see if the marble rolls in a specific direction when you set it on the floor. If the floor isn’t level, it could be a sign that there are foundation problems.

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